Collaborate with the Distributed Energy Association of Saskatchewan

Why join the Distributed Energy Association?

DEAS believes that the next ten years are key in integrating proven and innovative distributed energy technologies into the gas and electric grid networks.  Planned and purposeful deployment of these technologies, leveraged through energy information, will create new revenue, cost efficiency and collaboration benefits for the utilities throughout the Energy transition.

  • Consolidated Message
    The DEAS will work to align the common interests and opportunity for Distributed Energy, with utilities as key partners.  This will help to streamline communication and effort and ensure the optimization of benefits for all.
  • Collaboration
    The DEAS will work to bring technology providers, utilities and communities together in providing a consolidated approach to energy service.  The joint efforts and learnings can take crown collaboration and efficiencies in energy information and service to the next level.

Last Updated: 22-Feb-2021