Technology Providers

Collaborate with the Distributed Energy Association of Saskatchewan

Is your organization passionate about industrial-scale cogeneration, commercial and residential CHP, solar thermal & PV, geothermal, small-scale wind, hydrogen fuel cells and use, battery storage technologies, electric vehicles and transport, biofuels for space heating and power generation, district heating, energy data sharing, net zero businesses and communities?  

Are you interested in how these technologies can participate and collaborate in the industrial, community, commercial, and residential energy space? 

Then the Distributed Energy Association is here for you. 

How will the Distributed Energy Association work for you?

The DEAS will work on several fronts to promote Distributed Energy technologies and technology providers in the province:

  • Policy
    Engage government leadership to create supporting policy and space and opportunity for Distributed Energy technology providers.
  • Collaboration
    Dialogue with the Electrical utilities and Crown corporate leadership as partners in creating Distributed Energy support, programs and deployment opportunities.
  • Funding
    Lastly, DEAS will help communities and industry partners secure some of the $11 B Federal funding available over the next 5 years in support of clean, resilient, renewable and efficient energy solutions.

Why join the Distributed Energy Association?

DEAS believes that the next five years are key in creating a more participative and collaborative model for energy service, at the industrial, community, commercial and residential level.

  • Common interest
    There’s no silver bullet technology for the path forward.  Renewable and non-renewable, utility scale and non-utility scale can work together.  For all players in the industrial and community scale energy space,  let’s collaborate to create a future space and opportunity for all. Together we are stronger.
  • Common benefit
    By advancing the dialogue with utilities and the communities, by creating future space through municipal and government public policy targets, we’ll work to create high value technology jobs, local business and community benefits and innovative and resilient energy solutions right here in Saskatchewan.  

Last Updated: 22-Feb-2021