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The time is right for a new way, a distributed way, a collaborative way, to provide energy service in Saskatchewan. Together we are stronger.


Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are a key and growing part of   Saskatchewan’s energy future.  DERs include renewables such solar, wind, geothermal and biomass, gas to power through Industrial Cogeneration, commercial/residential scale combined heat & power (CHP), and clean energy solutions like power to gas (RNG) and hydrogen.  

Energy storage and use technologies such as battery, electric vehicles and electric charging stations round out the storage and energy sharing technologies within the DER space. 

The Distributed Energy Association of Saskatchewan (DEASask) is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for and with renewable and non-renewable technology companies operating in the DER sector.   DEASask actively seeks out projects and deployment opportunities for its’ members in the industrial, commercial, residential and community scale energy space; projects that create economic, resilient and efficient energy choice for businesses and residents of Saskatchewan.    

Finally, DEASask delivers a unified and simplified message— which represents the interests and concerns of all DEA members— to the public, industry, government and utility decision-makers shaping Saskatchewan’s energy future.  


Joining DEAS gives your company or organization a voice at the table and a chance to collaborate.  DEAS uses dialogue, engagement, education and advocacy to ensure your strategic interests and concerns are represented so you can focus on doing business.  

Join DEAS now to ensure your ideas and concerns are heard.


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Last Updated: 05-Mar-2021