About DEA Saskatchewan

Mission, Vision, Values


The Distributed Energy Association of Saskatchewan (DEAS) exists to create both space and opportunity for the private sector technology providers working in the  industrial and community scale energy generation, storage and sharing space.   We believe in maximizing the benefit to people and communities through energy investment in a Saskatchewan First Energy approach.


The DEAS is working to ensure that Distributed Energy (DE) plays a meaningful role in Saskatchewan’s future power generation portfolio, to the mutual benefit of industry, the utilities, the businesses and communities within the province.


The DEAS believes in energy cooperation not competition, energy integration not disruption, as the best approach.  The DEAS will work to promote the individual strengths of the private sector, the utilities, and the business and community partners to facilitate evolution, not revolution, in Saskatchewan’s energy service transition. 

The Distributed Energy Association was created to facilitate energy collaboration and outcomes as a balancing of benefits for the utility, technology and community partners alike.

The DEAS recognizes the common stakeholder goals in the participation model for safe, reliable and affordable energy service for all. 

Meet Managing Director, Erwin Hueck

Last Updated: 22-Feb-2021